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2019 Calendar Lottery

Musée Ukraina Museum is pleased to present the 2019 Lottery Calendar,

“Coming Home”

This year we feature beautiful images of Ukrainian Homes.

Images for the 2019 calendar were chosen from the art collection of the late + Sr. Theodosia of blessed memory. The Museum extends sincere appreciation to the Ukrainian Sisters of St. Josephs for sharing Sr. Theodosia’s collection.

In fulfilling the Museum’s mandate, we seek out ways to celebrate the richness of our museum and community. One way we have accomplished this is through the Lottery Calendar project.

2019 is the 16th edition of the lottery calendar

The first exhibited collection of 224 artifacts opened to the public in 1955 and the collection has grown to more than 20,000, now housed in our beautiful new Museum building.

The 2019 Lottery Calendar features draws for $12,310.00 in cash prizes – at total of 365 winners! Calendars are $20.00 each and a total of 2000 calendars will be printed and will be on sale until March 31, 2019. Calendars are only available to be purchased and sold in Saskatchewan and are not available for purchase by minors.

Draws will be made at Musée Ukraina Museum, 222 Ave M South, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K4. Daily prizes will be held on the first Monday of each commencing April 1, 2019 (for January, February & March prizes). The final draw for October, November and December will be made on November 4, 2019

Each winning ticket is returned to the draw drum.

Prizes will be mailed out and winners will be posted on the Museum website.

The Museum Board of Directors appreciates your support of this fund raiser. Your support of the calendar will ensure that the mandate of the museum will continue, and that we can continue to preserve and bring the stories of our people to future generations.

We wish everyone “Good Luck” in the draws.

The reproduction of calendar pictures requires the permission of Musée Ukraina Museum.

Musee Ukraina apologizes for any errors or omissions.

Help us connect the past, present and future by preserving our heritage and communicating experiences from one generation to the next through community education and youth programming.

Calendar Lottery Winners

June 2019 Winners

$20.00 Winners:

0119 Terry Sharanowski Winnipeg, MB
1590 Bill & Rose Hopkins North Battleford, SK
1645 Linda Holowka Yorkton, SK
1783 Marlene Tymiak Kelliher, SK
1162 Teresa Dreher Regina, SK
1968 Marsha Hadley Erin, ON
0795 Phoukham Phommavong Regina, SK
0082 Nadia Kotysko Saskatoon, SK
0322 Harry Boyko Alvena, SK
0508 Joe Kardash Grenfell, SK
0067 Leonard Krawchuk Winnipeg, MB
1101 David Paslawski Weyburn, SK
0802 Margaret Martens Saskatoon, SK
0127 Nada Melendez-Duke Cudworth, SK
1129 Florence Shalley Regina, SK
0132 Maurice & Sandi Draude Wakaw, SK
0265 Mary Byblow Prince Albert, SK
0304 Christine Scherbanuik Alvena, SK
1506 Myron & Angela Romanchuk St. Denis, SK
1094 John & Anna Bomok Saskatoon, SK
1482 Maryann Federko Yorkton, SK
0997 Joan Varoney Regina, SK
0404 Marianne Brigidear Regina, SK
1075 Greg & Kathy Wallace Saskatoon, SK

$50.00 Winners:

0240 Linda Lysyk Prince Albert, SK
1583 Shania Horn Sherwood Park, AB
1056 Sydney Rose Chrusch Saskatoon, SK

$100.00 Winners:

1971 Jenny Dutchak Gloucester, ON
1203 Georgina Rothlander Margo, SK

$200.00 Winners:

0038 James Herrick Unity SK

May 2019 Winners

$20.00 Winners:

0276 Alyssa Vandevord Prince Albert, SK
0316 Dennis & Wendy Humonuik Rostern, SK
0343 Tim Jelinski Saskatoon, SK
0831 Park Funeral Home Saskatoon, SK
1676 Michael Osatchuk Saskatoon, SK
1232 Pauline Spilchen Yorkton, SK
1050 Donald & Novia Proulx Prud’homme, SK
0455 Nellie Wolkowski Regina, SK
1404 Eileen Shaw Yorkton, SK
1586 Elsie Demyon North Battleford, SK
0713 Carl & Marrianne Couckuyt Regina, SK
0520 Jayne Paluck Regina, SK
0227 Lorette Worobetz Prince Albert, SK
1052 Betty Zatylny Saskatoon, SK, SK
0378 Marlene Matiko Saskatoon, SK
0271 Linda Jensen Prince Albert, SK
1637 Rusnak Balacko Kachur Rusnak Yorkton, SK
0141 Velma Sosnowski Wakaw, SK
1345 Paul Zultok Saskatoon, SK
1551 Paul & Evelyn Kardynal North Battleford, SK
1339 Charlene Herter Saskatoon, SK
0097 Bohdan Gabruch Saskatoon, SK
0935 Ray Paslawski Osage, SK
0767 Harry Moleschi Regina, SK
0234 Elizabeth Chapelle Prince Albert, SK

$50.00 Winners:

1139 Bozanna Simunovic Regina, SK
0239 Rosa Hawryluk Prince Albert, SK
1426 Fr. Methodius Kushko Yorkton, SK

$100.00 Winners:

1259 Joe & Erica Harden Yorkton, SK
0386 Lara Kammermayer Saskatoon, SK

$200.00 Winners:

1802 Linda Karakochuk Wynyard, SK

April 2019 Winners

$20.00 Winners:

1623 Bernard Stephaniuk Yorkton, SK
1447 Jessica Jansson Kitchener, ON
1410 Patricia Livetsky Rossburn, MB
1165 Christine Scott Regina, SK
0968 J & B Zrymiak Regina, SK
1033 St. George’s UCWLC Saskatoon, SK
0966 Millie Sydorko Regina, SK
0408 Jayne Paluck Regina, SK
0351 Alice Risling Saskatoon, SK
1126 Karen Kuzyk Regina, SK
1856 Darrell Leganchuk Oakburn, MB
1532 Victoria Shulhan Tway, SK
0301 Donna Leschinski Alvena, SK
1248 St. Mary’s UCWLC Yorkton, SK
1969 Li Zern Etobicoke, ON
1003 Sandy Gessner Moose Jaw, SK
0012 Marion Mutala Saskatoon, SK
0044 Tracy West Warburg, AB
1600 Louis & Jeannette Deptuch Battleford, SK
0900 Colleen Morton Colwood, BC
1309 Cindi Zenkewich Saskatoon, SK
1365 Jane Ferrari Saskatoon, SK
1645 Linda Holowka Yorkton, SK
0275 Muriel Graham Prince Albert, SK

$50.00 Winners:

1897 Doreen Bayda Saskatoon, SK
0209 Shelly Lord Saskatoon, SK
1020 Loran Chrusch Saskatoon, SK
0029 Joselyn Small Saskatoon, SK

$100.00 Winners:

0558 Brenda Kostiuk Regina, SK
1656 Marjory & Nick Antony MacNutt, SK

March 2019 Winners

$20.00 Winners:

1544 Walter Pacholko Bentley, AB
1758 Sandra Bohach Kamsack, SK
0160 Carrie Ann Dosch Wakaw, SK
1039 Clem & Clara Mialkowsky Port Perry, ON
1469 Marie Slipiec Yorkton, SK
0909 Sarah Naqvi Regina, SK
0714 Joanna & Tony Mazyn Regina, SK
1098 Tanya Panamaroff Saskatoon, SK
0867 Graham & Randene Duncan Cochrane, AB
0168 Carole Bodnar Saskatoon, SK
1512 Ramona Hynes Calgary, AB
1781 Tarilynn Tymiak Regina, SK
0835 Helen Koturbash Saskatoon, SK
1709 Kevin Dutchak Canora, SK, SK
0561 Anne Krenosky Regina, SK
0803 Sts. Peter & Paul UCWLC Saskatoon, SK
0153 Mary Parsons Cudworth, SK
0177 Joyce Toth Wakaw, SK
0387 Haley & Ibn Dionisio Regina, SK
0048 Iris Woytowich Saskatoon, SK
1570 Sylvia & Alvin Rodrigue Edmonton, AB
0051 Joe Ritzend Saskatoon, SK
1428 George Ruyak Yorkton, SK
0258 Debra Matinishyn Prince Albert, SK
1516 Agnes Hynes Calgary, AB

$50.00 Winners:

1851 Ken Fay Saskatoon, SK
1138 St. George’s UCWLC Saskatoon, SK
1875 Rick &Marlene Kalinocha Prud’homme, SK
1091 Sheryl Kapeluck & Kelly Dudra Calgary, AB

$100.00 Winners:

0982 Wayne Hofstra Regina, SK
0255 Bernie & Yvonne Burtney Prince Albert, SK

February 2019 Winners

$20.00 Winners:

1301 Lawrence & Ursula Popovitch Bruno, SK
0801 Sharon Tkachuk Saskatoon, SK
1130 Anne Chomyn Regina, SK
1330 Richard Kraushaar Rosetown, SK
0910 Elizabeth Kazymyra Regina, SK
0250 Mary Romanchuk Prince Albert, SK
1221 Phyllis Viczko Yorkton, SK
0052 Janice Poniatowski Saskatoon, SK
1272 Kevin & Yayoi Chorney Vancouver, BC
0060 Candice Gossen Saskatoon, SK
0882 Cornelia & Bruce Bobinski Saskatoon, SK
0950 Oleh Shkapyid Weyburn, SK
1237 Sonia Starling Yorkton, SK
0978 Anne Chomyn Regina, SK, SK
0371 Carol Baker Saskatoon, SK
0225 Leonard Stefanyshyn Prince Albert, SK
1850 Alvin & Georgina Harambura Runnymede, SK
0988 Anne Krenosky Regina, SK
1580 Bryer Horn North Battleford, SK
0799 Lana Husulak Saskatoon, SK
0056 Alla Krasutska Saskatoon, SK

$50.00 Winners:

1825 Evelyn Robutka Wynyard, SK
1762 Jane Chorney Ituna, SK

$100.00 Winners:

1744 Nicole Janeczko Regina, SK
0259 Leo Thompson Buffalo Narrows, SK

January 2019 Winners

$20.00 Winners:

1573 Mike & Morgan Elemans Calgary, AB
1243 Pat Sundahl Edmonton, AB
0088 James Bartko Saskatoon, SK
0391 Jennifer & Jeff Downing Saskatoon, SK
1873 Ron & Leona Kalinocha Prud’homme, SK
0943 Elsie Blischak Weyburn, SK
0005 Mary Tachynski Edmonton, AB
1206 Jeff Wawryk Yorkton, SK
1376 Helen Krakowski Wadena, SK
1801 Mark, Zena, Meagan, Sarah Kuzie Wynyard, SK
1082 Adam & Sharon Bogucki Saskatoon, SK
0744 Joann Starosta Regina, SK
1584 Linda Jackson Battleford, SK
0745 Marlene Jones Regina, SK, SK
0112 Gary Seime Wakaw, SK
1823 Irene Stachyruk Wynyard, SK
0084 Mike Chirpilo Saskatoon, SK
0995 Regina Funeral Home Regina, SK
1842 Johnny Balaniuk Yorkton, SK
0022 Michelle Federowich Etobicoke, ON
0526 Phyllis Huchowsky Moose Jaw, SK
1378 Anne Hilkewich Alvena, SK
0902 Shirley Oleskiw Regina, SK
1231 Bill & Sylvia Krywulak Yorkton, SK

$50.00 Winners:

1947 Grant & Elaine Bunko Calgary, AB
1707 Linda Hryhoriw Canora, SK
1591 Audrey Mushtaler Regina, SK
1082 Adam & Sharon Bogucki Saskatoon, SK

$100.00 Winners:

1383 Duane Serack Harris, SK

$200.00 Winners:

0029 Joselyn Small Saskatoon, SK

$250.00 Winners:

1375 Patti Kindrachuk Saskatoon, SK

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