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Jan-March 2021 Lottery Calendar

Musée Ukraina Museum is pleased to present the 2021 Lottery Calendar “Festive Spirit of Ukraine”.

This year we feature beautiful photographs from the League of Greek Catholic Women of Ukraine from the city of Fastiv, Ukraine. In 2012, the Eparchial UCWLC under the leadership of Eparchial President Jayne Paluck, HLM and Spiritual Advisor, Sr. Theodosia SSJ accepted a request from Patriach Sviatoslav Shevchuk to assist in creating an organization such as our UCWLC in Ukraine. The UCWLC in the Eparchy of Saskatoon continues to maintain a relationship with The League of Greek Catholic Women of Ukraine. The Museum extends sincere appreciation to the League of Greek Catholic Women from the city of Fastiv for sharing these photographs with our community of supporters. In fulfilling the Museum’s mandate, we seek out ways to celebrate the richness of our museum and community. One way we have accomplished this is through the Lottery Calendar project. 2021 is the 18th edition of the lottery calendar The first exhibited collection of 224 artifacts opened to the public in 1955 and the collection has grown to more than 20,000, now housed in our beautiful new Museum building.

The 2021 Lottery Calendar features draws for $12,030.00 in cash prizes – at total of 365 winners! Calendars are $20.00 each and a total of 1500 calendars will be printed and will be on sale until March 31, 2021. Calendars are only available to be purchased and sold in Saskatchewan and are not available for sale to minors. Draws will be made at Musée Ukraina Museum, 222 Ave M South, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K4 @ 7:00 pm. Daily prizes will be held on the first Monday of each commencing April 5, 2021 (for January, February & March prizes). The final draw for October, November and December will be made on November 1, 2021. Each winning ticket is returned to the draw drum Prizes will be mailed out and winners will be posted on the Museum website. The Museum Board of Directors appreciates your support of this fundraiser. Your support of the calendar will ensure that the mandate of the museum will continue, and that we can continue to preserve and bring the stories of our people to future generations. We wish everyone “Good Luck” in the draws.

To purchase additional calendars please contact:

Musée Ukraina Museum Inc. Box 26072, Saskatoon, SK. S7K 8C1 Phone: (306) 244-4212,

The reproduction of calendar pictures requires the permission of Musée Ukraina Museum Musee Ukraina apologizes for any errors or omissions. Help us connect the past, present and future by preserving our heritage and communicating experiences from one generation to the next through community education and youth programming. LICENCE # RR20-0127

January 2021 Calendar Winners


Calendar Number Name Address

$20.00 Winners:

0536 Ken Shumay Brandon, MB

0618 Lorraine Slater Vancouver, BC

0697 Pamela Hilkewich Alvena, SK

1369 Grace Hryniuk Prud’homme, SK

1027 Tony & Joanna Mazyn Regina, SK

1202 St. Peter & Paul UCWLC Saskatoon, SK

0665 Maria Melnyk St. Catherines, ON

0901 Margaret Gobolos St. Benedict, SK

0867 Evelyn Karain Saskatoon, SK

0394 Eleanor Provo Saskatoon, SK

0779 Ted Pipchuk Yellow Creek, SK

0412 Ed & Liz Werbicki Saskatoon, SK

0701 Harry & Joyce Boyko Alvena, SK

0208 St. Basil’s UCBC Regina, SK

1192 Henry & Lorraine Mandziak Westbank, SK

1003 Ward Pederson Regina, SK

0210 Ivar & Jean Orenchuk Regina, SK

1028 Sally Sandy Saskatoon, SK

0681 Wade Kindrachuk Saskatoon, SK

1153 Elaine Smycniuk Saskatoon, SK

0970 Mary Omelan Wakaw, SK

0185 Bill & Sandi Chomyn Pogo, SK

0296 Breanne Jamieson Calgary, AB

1030 Tricia Saul Lumsden, SK


$50.00 Winners:

0078 Isla Trawick Calgary, AB

0630 Harold Larson Summerland, BC

0753 Danae Lord Crystal Springs, SK

0230 Dustin Holinaty Air Ronge, SK


$100.00 Winners:

0731 Klarissa Komarnicki Saskatoon, SK


$200.00 Winner:

0030 Lesia Chalupiak Preecevile, SK

1379 Barry & Diane Syrota Elfros, SK



February 2021 Calendar Winners


Calendar Number Name Address

$20.00 Winners:

0397 Helen Chartrand Calgary, AB

0588 Joanna Kyba Yorkton, SK

0846 Brian Lucyshyn Saskatoon, SK

0866 Margaret Novasad Saskatoon, SK

0096 Samson Cahill Sherwood Park, AB

1176 Robert Jardine White Fox, SK

1405 Jacky Korney Preeceville, SK

0946 Jay & Chantel Longman Lampman, SK

1338 Cindy Dusyk Montmarte, SK

1342 Robert & Adeline Wuschenny Regina, SK

0837 Roman & Jinnie Hyshka Saskatoon, SK

1128 Joe Coffey Roblin, MB

0083 Bryer Horn North Battleford, SK

0233 Lydia & Marvin Derenisky Hudson Bay, SK

0408 Terry & Paulette Pryma Aberdeen, SK

0257 Joline Empringham Regina, SK

1020 Cliff Rakochy Regina, SK

1056 Carol Gutiw Saskatoon, SK

0982 Maurice & Sandi Draude Wakaw, SK

1165 Angie Wilson Saskatoon, SK

1155 Elaine Smycniuk Saskatoon, SK

0929 Mary Petrowski Preeceville, SK

0726 Doris Stus Saskatoon, SK


$50.00 Winners:

0544 Lori Kardynal Saskatoon, SK

0860 Jake Kindrachuk Saskatoon, SK


100.00 Winners:

0435 Katya Chomitzky Edmonton, AB

1166 Marion Haluska Saskatoon, SK


$200.00 Winner:


0445 Craig & Larissa Jacklin Saskatoon, SK


March 2021 Calendar winners


Calendar Number Name Address

$20.00 Winners:

0108 Rose & Bill Hopkins North Battleford, SK

0795 Judy Drebit Saskatoon, SK

0844 Allison Knittig Kelowna, BC

0680 Minnie Kramchynski Alvena, SK

0226 Mary Jane Holinaty Prince Albert, SK

1458 Ron Balacko Yorkton, SK

0668 Rheanne Rowson Saskatoon, SK

0736 Alyssa Goodwin Saskatoon, SK

1052 Nina Moe Saskatoon, SK

0032 Cheryl Shankowsky Norquay, SK

0696 Al Parker & Sylvia Unrau Saskatoon, SK

1453 Jessica Richards Yorkton, SK

0113 Linda Jackson Battleford, SK

1414 Marge Shewchuk Canora, SK

0489 Susan Hodgson Medicine Hat, AB

0014 Sophia Korban Saskatoon, SK

0032 Cheryl Shankowski Norquay, SK

0932 Darren & Kristin Biccum Saskatoon, SK

1368 Sheila Hryniuk Yorkton, SK

0439 Bernice Pillipow Saskatoon, SK

0475 Joseph Bodnar Saskatoon, SK

1338 Cindy Dusyk Montmarte, SK

0499 Holger & Peggy Mausch Saskatoon, SK

0871 Jana Lalach Saskatoon, SK

0872 Lawrence & Ursula Popovitch Bruno, SK


$50.00 Winners:

0464 Kenneth Fay Saskatoon, SK

0394 Eleanor Provo Saskatoon, SK

0813 Raymond Engen Rosetown, SK

0257 Joline Empringham Regina, SK


$100.00 Winners:

1398 Lorraine Petryshyn Bankend, SK

0404 Marko & Tanya Baran Saskatoon, SK


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