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From a challenge to a reality, the dream of a museum materialized with the official opening on August 28, 1955. Its main purpose was to collect, preserve and make the cultural heritage of Ukrainians available to the general public. Over the course of the next 52 years, through the ownership of the Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Saskatchewan and under the trusteeship of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, the museum developed into an accessible collection of over 10,000 artifacts.

On April 29, 1991, Musée Ukraina Museum Inc. became incorporated and registered under the Non-profits Corporations Act. (Corporation No. 210203). The formation of the Board of Directors on November 17, 2001 marked the establishment of a formal policy for the management and operations of a museum. The Board of Directors, membership, community, and public have recognized the need to expand the current location to fulfill its mission and objectives. A properly designed building will address security issues, preservation concerns, cataloguing, archiving, presentation, and sustainability.

MUM plans on being a leader in bringing awareness and understanding to the growing cultural diversity which exists in the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. The Multicultural Gallery will host educational exhibitions providing opportunities for the cultural community to bring awareness and understanding to their beautiful customs and traditions.

Upon entry into the newly constructed museum, guests will be inspired by the Living Chapel and Liturgical Gallery, the Permanent Gallery and the Multicultural Gallery.

Located next to the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St. George, MUM will be able to offer tours highlighting the rich Ukrainian Eastern Byzantine rite architecture, as well as the art and iconography which beautifies the church. The recently constructed shrine dedicated to the venerable nun martyrs Olympia and Laurentia will contribute to the strength of this destination area. MUM will house more than exhibits and artifacts. The design calls for and includes a permanent gallery showcasing the life of the Ukrainian people; a multicultural gallery which will celebrate the various cultures that make up the vibrant fabric of Canada; and a traveling exhibit gallery featuring significant exhibitions in the areas of music, science and achievements. As part of the interpretive experience, workshop and educational rooms along with the library, will provide for community programming.

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