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Mission Statement

To ensure the identity of the Ukrainian people by providing a centre of inspiration for all generations that celebrates, educates and preserves its ethnographic collections which represent the spiritual, material and folkloric cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people.


Through the mission statement the Museum will maintain and disseminate the knowledge that resides in the collection; be a significant tourist destination; and be a place of discovery and education.

As we continue to grow the vision of MUM which embraces the proud traditions of the Ukrainian people it is important that we do it together. What has been entrusted to all of us is to be understood and protected and can only be achieved if we work together.


The mandate of MUM preserves the history of the Ukrainian people within a multicultural society. Through exhibits, educational programs, and interactive activities, the museum brings to life the story of a significant group of people who helped build the great province of Saskatchewan and contributed to an understanding of Canada. MUM not only invites the world to come and experience this influential part of world history, but to also understand how a historical group in a multicultural community can survive and serve as a bridge of understanding between cultures within the local, provincial and national sector.


The values of MUM are derived from a culmination of history, community, education, religion, and the telling of the story of the Ukrainian people to the world. Each of these values is brought to life in the day to day museum practices, as well as the outreach community programming in which MUM takes part. The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon, which serves as a governing body for the Ukrainian Catholic community in Saskatchewan, reinforces and guides the religious and spiritual nature of the museum persona and artifact collections. MUM strives for accountability and credibility, respect with partners, understanding for the development and diversity among its members and objectivity in museum work.

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