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Museum's Galleries

Chapel and Religious Gallery

A historic Ukrainian Catholic church will be recreated with numerous religious artifacts. This chapel will be surrounded by an interpretive gallery featuring descriptive panels highlighting the history and life of the Ukrainian Catholic Church from its very beginning. The chapel and gallery will come alive through exhibits that change with the Liturgical year. This gallery will honour the dedication and sacrifice of the Clergy, Religious and the people.

Temporary Gallery

This gallery will provide opportunities to feature significant travelling exhibitions as well as in house productions dedicated to celebrating and honouring the achievements of the Ukrainian people in areas such as iconography, church design, liturgical arts, music, visual arts and sciences. With accepted museum standards in place, this gallery will be able to welcome National and International show pieces. In- house created exhibitions will also have the opportunity to travel to other centers in Saskatchewan.

Multicultural Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the various cultures that make up the vibrant fabric of Canada. The opportunity to welcome and promote the history, achievements and contributions of our neighbours is a testament to a multicultural Canada we value. The gift of a shared experience will strengthen the value that we put on mutual respect and understanding.

Permanent Gallery

This gallery will showcase the life of the Ukrainian people through regional exhibits focusing on the diversity that exists within the Ukrainian culture The Permanent Gallery will be programmed around the folk calendar - celebrating the rites of passage in life. For over 55 years the Museum has assembled an outstanding collection of artifacts that attest to the story of the Ukrainian people.

Dr. Stephen & Michelene Worobetz Archive Centre

This Centre will showcase Saskatchewan’s first formal Ukrainian Catholic Archive Centre. This space will ensure the documentation and preservation of the history of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan, its people and organizations will be protected and centralized. The Museum already has papers and photographs that reflect important events of history during the course of the three waves of immigration. Archival space has been designated for the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, as well as other Ukrainian Catholic organizations.

Workshop and Education rooms

With proper facilities, programs can now come alive and what has been packed away will now provide the foundation for the future development of programs that will help inspire and promote an understanding of our vibrant culture and heritage. The opportunity for films, lectures, children’s programs, interactive programs and educational initiatives will finally be realized.

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