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President's Message

Слава Ісусу Христу!

Welcome to our Museum and it's long serving treasury of artifacts and memories.

It is an honour to have been elected President of the Museum Board of Directors at our annual meeting. My sincere gratitude to past president Eileen Bunko for her leadership and enthusiasm in our work invested here at Musée Ukraina Museum (MUM).

Opened in 1955 at the Andrey Sheptytsky Institute in Saskatoon, MUM continues the tradition of preserving the heritage of the Ukrainian settlers in Canada while enriching the educational potential within the community.

In 1966 the Museum moved to the aptly named Prosvita Hall on Ave M where it was housed for 41 years. Prosvita (Просвіта), meaning enlightenment in Ukrainian, has historical significance for the Ukrainian people settling in the Prairies. The early pioneers valued education, the development of culture and the arts, as well as the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Built on Treaty 6 Territory and homeland of the Metis, our new state-of-the-art facility is designed to connect with the community while preserving and displaying our valuable artifacts. With dedicated board members, volunteers, and community support, MUM is fulfilling its mandate of preserving the history of the Ukrainian people within our multicultural community, while reinforcing a bridge of understanding between cultures. Beyond the displays from our permanent collection, the museum features performances and exhibits by local and internationally recognized artists.

In addition to programming, we host annual fundraising events and cultural activities which involve the community and raise awareness of the Museum. Encouraging membership of the museum helps to ensure that we have a direct connection with our community. Building individual and group endowments for the Museum is an essential part of our mandate and affirms continuity of our service.

MUM achieved international recognition following the visit of His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk to Saskatoon in 2012. On that occasion MUM received His Beatitude's blessing.
Please accept my gratitude for your ongoing interest in and recognition of MUM as a valuable asset to the quality of life and education in our community. Your engagement and support are essential in maintaining the collection, honouring it's history and learning as we work together.

The artifacts and resource materials within our collection are a testament to the past and inform the present; our involvement remains a true measure of our commitment to the future.

Anna Mycyk

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