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Why do we need a new museum?

The vision expressed by the community is to have a place that will ensure that the identity of the Ukrainian people will be preserved and enforced by providing a center of inspiration for all generations that celebrates, educates, interprets and preserves the ethnographic collections, which represent the spiritual, material and folkloric cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people.

  • To present an accurate historical portrayal of the Ukrainian people, representative of civilization from the time of pre-history until the time of the massive immigration in the mid 19th century
  • To honor and share with the world the story of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • To establish the first formal Ukrainian Catholic Archives in Saskatchewan
  • To help people connect to the past, present and future by its mandate of preserving our heritage and by communicating experiences from one generation to the next through community education and youth programming
  • To provide a safe and secure place to house and exhibit over 20,000 artifacts according to museum standards
  • Opportunity to showcase Liturgical arts and conduct educational programs that will highlight and promote religious traditions
  • To provide organizations and individuals within the Eparchy the opportunity to store their records and archives in a centrally located and secure environment
  • To provide a research and reference center for students, educators, historians, film makers and genealogists
  • To contribute to the revitalization of the Ukrainian Catholic community

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